about Ralitsa

Ralitsa Yovkova was born on June 22nd 1978 in the town of Troyan. She inherits the craft from her father, thus becoming a fourth generation ceramist in the Yovkovi family tree.

In 1996 she graduates the National High School of Applied arts in the town and in 2001 she graduates Magna Cum Laude in “Ceramics” at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia. She returns to her hometown and starts teaching “Ceramics” at the Applied Arts High School.

She has initiated a number of independent and family exhibitions in the region and around the country. Ralitsa has taken part in a number of international biennales and ceramics competitions, where she has estimably represented her country.

She begins actively working at her father’s studio, where she develops her own sense of ceramics, combining the traditions of the previous generations and the functionality of the contemporary aesthetics. Inspired by contrast and graphicness, her ceramics carry a distinctive signature and charm.